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From Jeroen Reijn <>
Subject Re: Insert-Node and "deep" XML structure
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2006 08:16:54 GMT
Hi Nicolas,

I will try to help you out.

Nicolas Duroc wrote:
> Hello,
> I have some problem about inserting nodes in my XML document. In fact my 
> document has the following structure :
> <root>
>     <niveau>
>         <classement>
>             <concurrent>
>                 <nom>test</nom>
>             </concurrent>
>             ...
>         </classement>
>     </niveau>
>     ...
> </root>
> I use the "on-insert-row" action to insert "concurrent", but when I want 
> to insert a "niveau", I would like ton insert the associated 
> "classement" like :
> <niveau>
>     <classement/>
> </niveau>

Ok well this seems pretty logical to me.

> By this way, I could add "concurrent" in this "classement". Although I 
> specified, the inserted node with a "2 level deep", it inserts only the 
> "niveau", and I can't insert "concurrent" in it.

Hmm this seems strange to me, so this is where the problem lies.

> here's my binding file :
> To insert a deeper "node", I suppose I have to add many "insert-node" 
> but when I try, tags aren't interpreted, and they appear in the XML File...

What do you mean exactly with tags aren't interpreted. You don't see 
them inside your form?

What happens if you save the file, do the XML tags end up in your 
resulting XML document?

> If anyone has an idea...

Jeroen Reijn

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