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From Kamal Bhatt <>
Subject Re: Cforms do not save after binding.
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 23:23:13 GMT
Jason Johnston wrote:
> Kamal Bhatt wrote:
>> Kamal Bhatt wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I have a CForm that binds to a java object. If there are no 
>>> validation errors (ie the continuation is not called) then the form 
>>> saves correctly. However, if there was a validation error, you fix 
>>> the error and you try and save again, the form does not bind 
>>> correctly ( fails). Instead, it returns null.
> When you say "it returns null", what exactly is null?  The new values 
> in the object you're saving to?  The return value of the 
> method call?
The values in the fields of the object being bound. Eg., I have a get 
function called "getBrandField". When I run this before the save, it 
returns a value, after the value, it returns nulll.
>>> What is the likely cause of this?
>>> Due to the sheer amount of source code associated with this stuff, I 
>>> will provide source on request. No point in adding a truck load of 
>>> code for no reason.
>>> Cheers.
>> OK, worked out what was failing, now, I need to understand why.
>> On my form.showForm, I would pass in some work data. When I removed 
>> this data, it stopped being a problem. It was being spit out on the 
>> form as a hidden input, but it wasn't really being used. I thought 
>> you could pass variables into showForm. If that is the case, what is 
>> wrong with what I did?
> Yes you can pass view data as the second argument to Form.showForm; 
> this is a very common use case so I'm surprised you're seeing issues.
So am I.

Kamal Bhatt

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