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From Askild Aaberg Olsen <>
Subject Re: XSLT Transformer Problem: STILL I'm Lost :(
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 12:13:59 GMT
Manuel Ottaviano wrote:
> ***And this is very strange:*
>  * is a process that 
> use the partial XML as static file and apply the table.xsl 
> transformer..... this work!!!
> Why it does not work in my process.....????
> *
Hi Manuel!

I don't think that your tagger.xsl is the way to go, the resulting 
SAX-stream from it is still just a string, but when you save it to file, 
the generator parses i correctly. This is why your partial XML is working.

The answer is to parse this string somehow...

Are you able to use Saxon instead of Xalan as XSLT-processor?
Saxon has a parse() - function,  that could save your day.

Have a look at

I've had problems using Saxon 8.8 in Cocoon, but success with 8.7.3, and 
have used the parse()-function several times.

Hope this helps.


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