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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: Strange behaviour of repeater (repeaterrows don't show up in HTML source code) while they are rendered
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 12:48:12 GMT
Robby Pelssers, AGP wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I attached my jx file that generates a form where people can register 
> the number of hours they spent on a certain task.  However, when the 
> form is rendered I can see the repeaterrows on the browser but NOT in 
> the html source code.  Anybody who can explain this? 
> Ps. I must add to this that the repeater is handled by a valuechanged 
> event of the dimensionwidget.

When you say "the repeater is handled by a valuechanged event" I guess 
that means that its rows are not created until the user enters something 
into the "dimension" field on the page?

I notice you're using AJAX mode, which could explain why the repeater 
rows don't show up when you View Source on the page.  They don't exist 
in the original HTML source, they're added after the fact by Javascript.

Firefox has a nice feature where you can select text on the page (with 
the mouse or Ctrl-A) and then right-click and choose "View Selection 
Source".  It will show you the source of what actually appears on the 
page rather than what was originally sent by the server.  I'm sure there 
are similar tools for other browsers too.

Hope I'm understanding your question.

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