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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Saxon does not recognise cocoon protocol
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 14:29:14 GMT
Ard Schrijvers <a.schrijvers <at>> writes:

> > > ...I want to know "why saxon can not recognize urls
> > > starting with cocoon://
> > 
> > In the XSLT document() function, you mean?
> Never noticed this function in XSLT...
> Then again, why would Saxon know about the cocoon:// protocol. Xalan perhaps
> happens to know, since it is an apache XSLT processor which happens to be able
> to access source factories defined in cocoon. Saxon is not, so there just
> might be the difference. I am a little bit guessing here, but that is what I
> think, though I am not to familiar with different XSLT processors. 

A bit wild guessing, isn't it? ;)

AFAIK there is something like URLHandlers which have to be registered on the
XSLT processor - but I actually never worked with that API directly, so I do not
really know. What I wonder about is that Saxon behaves differently than Xalan.
But I'd put my shirt off that it is not because Xalan is also from Apache :) 

> Seeing its implementation, I am curious about what it means for the caching
> impl. I can not imagine that the validity of the cocoon:// protocol in
> document() function is added to the stylesheet validity (TraxTransformer
> validity), so I would never chose for this solution anyhow (unless by some
> magic it is added, but I don't think changes in the pipeline called by
> cocoon:// are picked up in the cached result, unless of course you chose to
> have no caching at all)

Exactly the caching has always been the reason to not recommend the usage of
document(). It should only be used for REALLY static documents, as it is not
included in any cache validity (AFAIK).


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