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From "Ard Schrijvers" <>
Subject RE: sitemap chaining
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 09:54:40 GMT
I am becoming a little evangelistic here about the <use-request-parameters>true</use-request-parameters>
in the components declaration, but never never never ever ever ever use <use-request-parameters>true</use-request-parameters>:
set it to FALSE !!!

You will totally destroy your cocoon cache, crawlers will bring your app down, or if your
app survives, you are left with a cache that is not useable for normal requests....

WHY....?? Because crawlers frequently use arbitrary added parameters to the request, ending
up in your cache if you do not pass them in the xsl transform yourself by name. 

If a crawler comes by with /foo/bar?tfwewq=21r123rwedewqf and the tfwewq=21r123rwedewqf is
added by the crawler, and you use <use-request-parameters>true</use-request-parameters>,
you will end up with cache entries containing tfwewq=21r123rwedewqf

DO NOT USE  <use-request-parameters>true</use-request-parameters>, set it to false!

Regards Ard

> > I'm not sure about the line <map:parameter 
> > name="use-request-parameters" value="true"/> in the "match part", I 
> > would put it in the "transformer part"
> oh yeah, I totally missed that.  Details... :-)
> What your <parameter> element did was to pass a parameter name 
> "use-request-parameters" with value "true" into the XSLT stylesheet 
> itself.
> The way Nicolas wrote it is correct.
> —ml—
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