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From "Ard Schrijvers" <>
Subject RE: Triggering cocoon on filesystem changes
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 12:28:46 GMT
Sounds like THE job for cocoon what you describe. Cocoon comes along with caching, so fetching
an xml and transforming with an xsl is never a performance issue....Though, "fairly regularly"
sounds to me like every minute...and then still, you would just attack the problem the very
same way.
Regards Ard 

Hi, thanks for your replies,

Basically we will have a large volume of XML files uploaded into a folder, we do not know
when the files will be uploaded but it will be "fairly regularly" i.e. possibly once a day
but not necessarily, maybe once a week, or even every 2 weeks.  We will then need to style
these (using XSLT), I think that Toby's sugestion should work, just fetching them on the fly
instead of preprocessing all of the files but we have a number of issues to iron out at our

Thanks again for your help,

Any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated.


> alan johnson wrote:
> > We are trying to configure cocoon to monitor a local folder for any
> > changes and once the folder contents have changed we need to trigger
> > cocoon to apply styles to all the XML files in the modified folder. 
> Why not use the XML files directly, styling them as needed?
> I believe Cocoon's caching will take care of the rest, re-styling them
> only when the files change.

I also don't understand what you want to achieve. Applying styles to XML files sounds to me
like doing an xsl transformation, like Toby suggests...Can you explain in more detail why
you want to do this, or what you want to achieve. 


> Toby
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