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From nackey <>
Subject Re: Widget Tree and dynamic page updating with Ajax
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 18:55:25 GMT

Mark Lundquist-2 wrote:
> On Aug 8, 2006, at 5:17 AM, nackey wrote:
>> I have a widget tree and if I select a node I would like that
>> a part of the web page will be updated (e.g. with ajax)
>> If I select another node, also a part of the web page should be dynamic
>> updated and the part, which I updated with the previous node, should
>> not disappear.
>> My aim is that I would like to decide which information will be 
>> displayed.
>> E.g. I have a tree of employee with the nodes: name, first name, 
>> street,
>> zip, city etc.
>> Now I select the nodes first name and city and I would like to see 
>> these
>> information.
> That doesn't sound like the kind of thing to use Ajax for... why is an 
> update required if you are just doing a little show/hide thing?  The 
> amount of information you're talking about is small, so... might it not 
> be better to just send it all and handle all of this interaction 
> client-side?  Or maybe I misunderstood?
> —ml—


I am working on a generator, so if I have a small e.g. java class diagram
then I could display all information in one shot, but if I have an object
with a lot of sub object and sub sub object, then my tree is very big
with a lot of nodes and sub nodes and so I have too many
informaton, which I can't display all together. 

But I think I have to solve it with a Master-detail form.
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