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From Sandor Spruit <>
Subject Re: FW: [ #4642] [Fwd: watch out with mirror]
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2006 13:00:06 GMT
Ard Schrijvers wrote:
> About the broken mirror, I was premature: The
> flaw seems to be way more serious, and seems to be
> apache-dist/jakarta/.htaccess in general!


> Yes I do think there is something terribly wrong! Maven should
> garantuee correct jars. If due to some configuration error, wrong
> jars end up in my project, then something is wrong. So I do not
> understand apache member Henk Penning to shoot the messenger, instead
> of seeing the severity of the issue, and try helping to get it out of
> the world.
> So, anyhow, who knows how I can address the correct person to file
> this problem that it gets resolved.

Henk does not shoot the messenger. He always send mails with short, 
factual info. No bull.

And, in defense, our building needs to be empty by tomorrow afternoon. 
Renovation, reconstruction, network upgrade etc. It's a mess over here 
right now! I was surprised he found the time to respond, and so soon!!

I'm sure you'd understand he's not in the mood to address Apache issues 
on remote sites, if you could look only into our offices right now :)


Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
'Content and knowledge engineering'
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"... unthinkable surprises, about to happen, but what they are -
  it's not up to you, oh, it never really was."  (Bjork on Vespertine)

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