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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: sendmail action- not sending
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 14:34:48 GMT
Kamal Bhatt wrote:
> Jason Johnston wrote:
>> Kamal Bhatt wrote:
>>>> Cocoon 2.2 uses Maven to automatically download the Sun JARs from 
>>>> Sun's site at build time, bypassing the distribution licensing 
>>>> restrictions that prevent the JARs from being shipped with Cocoon 
>>>> directly.  So this  will no longer be a problem.
>>> But as I understand it, this is not a problem with the Sun libraries, 
>>> but with a build process that includes files it should include, ie 
>>> the geronimo jar files. So I am confused as to how maven is used.
>> The geronimo files are shipped with the Cocoon 2.1.x distribution 
>> *because* the Sun JARs cannot be but the JavaMail APIs must still be 
>> available to compile against.  The geronimo JARs provide those APIs 
>> (so it compiles), but not the implementation (so it doesn't function 
>> at runtime).  Hence if you want to actually use the mail functionality 
>> in your Cocoon app you have to replace the geronimo JARs with the Sun 
>> JARs.
>> Since Maven can legally retrieve the actual Sun JARs directly to 
>> compile against, the geronimo ones are no longer needed.  Problem solved.
> OK, but it would be nice to have this "feature" documented better than 
> it is. It is a serious time waster as you get no feedback from any logs. 
> This is not information that belongs in the wiki but in the main page IMHO.
> Anyway, that is my two cents.

Sure, better documentation is always a good thing.  I was only 
responding to your question about whether it would be fixed in the future.

Feel free to open a JIRA issue about the documentation with the text 
you'd like to have added and what page it should go on.

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