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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Portal / Roles
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 22:45:07 GMT
Carsten's answer was incorrect.  The default authentication manager is 
now the GroupBasedProfileManager. This first looks at the user, then the 
group and then the global definition. Roles aren't used at all here. 
Unfortunately, authenticate.xsl doesn't copy the group so in actuality 
you only can have a user and a global profile.

To get role based layouts you need to use the 
AuthenticationProfileManager.  Just find GroupBasedProfileManager and 
replace it with AuthenticationProfileManager in cocoon.xconf.  However, 
even then the order is user, role, global - not role, user, global.

Ralph wrote:
> Thanks for your reply Carsten,
> the role based approach doesn't work in my case. The following configuration doesn't
> copletinstancedata/portal-role-NAME_OF_ROLE.xml
>                   /portal-user-anonymous.xml
>                   /portal.xml
> layout/portal-role-NAME_OF_ROLE.xml
>       /portal-user-anonymous.xml
>       /portal.xml
> The global profile is always loaded. The configuration with "portal-user-USER_NAME.xml"
instead of "portal-role-NAME_OF_ROLE.xml" works as expected. The user with the according role
is defined in "sunrise-user.xml".
> Authentication actions in the sitemap are from "org.apache.cocoon.auth.acting.*". 
> Regards,
> Wadim
> -- Carsten Ziegeler wrote : 
> Wadim Kruse wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have the same issue, as in:
>> Does the role based view work in the new portal block ? (Cocoon
>> 2.1.10-dev, OS: Ubuntu 6.06, Java: 1.5.0_06 ) If so, how ?
>> If I define copletdata, copletinstancedata and layout per user,
>> it works.
> The role based approach "should" work :) However, the approach might be
> a little different than you expect: *if* the user has an own profil this
> one is used and *only if* the user does not have an own profil, the
> profil of the user's role is used (and if that one is not present, the
> global one is used). So there is no merging between profiles yet.
> Carsten

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