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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject RE: Action Vs Logicsheet
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 10:11:35 GMT

>>> "Martijn C. Vos" <> 2006/08/02 11:22 AM >>>

Omar Adobati [] wrote:
> It seems as there are a lot of different ideas about what to use and
> think to be more confused then I was sending the first e-mail...
> So, I suppose also that there's no a definitive answer to my 
> question...
> Action and Transformer are the old-school way to do the job, flow is
> the new...

No, Actions and XSP are the old-school way, Transformers and flow are
both still very popular. Apparently there is some disagreement about
when flow is better and when transformers are better. I have no
on the matter, but to me, transformers are usually easier. A
is a very simple, easy to understand component with a very clear
function in a pipeline. That automatically gives it a very big
to any newbie, and to a lot of more experienced users.


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