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From "Christofer Dutz" <>
Subject Accessing AJAX forms field values
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 08:07:28 GMT


I am currently working on an cforms ajax application. Here when entering an
address, the user enters the country code of an address (the content is
provided by a suggestion-list and this works fine)

If he then starts entering the zip code only the zip codes for that
particular country should be shown. My first try was to access the form
model and get the other fields values. Unfortunately the model isn’t updated
until the form is really submitted. My next attempt was to extend the
CFormsSuggest.js in the forms-jar. Strangely I seem to be unable to access
any other form fields, even if I try to access them using the ids I found
using the IE Dom Developer Toolbar and by this definitively exist.


Any ideas of how I can build context-sensitive suggestion-lists.





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