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From Nicolas Duroc <>
Subject widget non interpreted
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 11:35:21 GMT

I have a form to edit a XML Files. For that, i have a binding document, a 
model document, a data document, and a template document. In the result page, 
some widget are non interpreted, and when I look the source code, I see the 

In fact, the non-interpreted widget comes from a list, and only the first 
widget are interpreted.

More explainations with the XML data document :

<entity number="1">entity1</entity>
<entity number="2">entity2</entity>
<entity number="3">entity3</entity>
<entity number="4">entity4</entity>
<entity number="5">entity5</entity>
<entity number="6">entity6</entity>

In my XML binding document :

<fb:value id="entity1" path="entity[attribute::number=1]" />
<fb:value id="entity2" path="entity[attribute::number=2]" />
<fb:value id="entity3" path="entity[attribute::number=3]" />
<fb:value id="entity4" path="entity[attribute::number=4]" />
<fb:value id="entity5" path="entity[attribute::number=5]" />
<fb:value id="entity6" path="entity[attribute::number=6]" />

I know that a repeater would be the solution, but the graphical interface 
isn't a table or a list, and the "repeated-rows" isn't laid out according 
a "template", So i can't repeat it for each element.

As I said upper, only the first widget (entity1) is interpreted and displayed, 
the others stay as "<ft:widget...>".

If anyone has a solution ? the XPath syntax seems correct...

Thanks in advance


Nicolas Duroc

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