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From "Cocoon Man" <>
Subject Re: Is use-store needed when using XSLTC ?
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 15:05:29 GMT
You're probably right. I may use the caching mechanism provided by Cocoon.

But this does not really answer all my questions:
XSP are not cached by default. All right, but what if I ask the same
question with XSL :
*what is not clear for me is the relation there is between the fact that
an XSL is a Poolable component (which means there is a pool of XSPs stored
somewhere by Cocoon) and the fact that XSL are stored by Transient-store. *
*I don't understand why I have to set some pool-max parameter for the
<map:generator name="serverpages"> component and some maxobjects for the
transient-store which handles previously loaded generators.*
* *
*Imagine I have a first request where some XSL is compiled and used to
generate Page A.*
*Now, imagine the same page A is requested again : will Cocoon load the
previously generated XSL from the transient-store or from the pool of XSPs ?


2006/7/3, Ard Schrijvers <>:
> I am not familiar with xsp (anymore). I use jx all the time (with flow).
> It is by default not cached, though you can arrange this via flow.
> So, how many User-Agent's do you expect? Do you expect a have load? I
> think regardless the User-Agent you will have quite some parts of the
> request in common. Make these cached!! Certainly, cocoon is very flexible
> and cool, but I think you really should use the caching strategies provided
> by cocoon.
> Running cocoon live is very well posible with a high load (I have been
> able to serve 2000 pages/sec on my local pc with caching), but not without
> caching! Try out solex ( or
> Charles (not free) to keep an eye on your performance. Dont try to make your
> app performing on the end, start right away.
> Regards Ard
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