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From "Nathaniel Alfred" <>
Subject RE: How to avoid the encoded text &#220 in pdf generation
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 12:27:27 GMT
Sure, that all figures.  You read from the database the character
'&' '#' '2' '2' '0' ';'.  The text serializer send these characters
to the output.  The XML serializer has to ensure that the output is
XML and escapes the '&' as "&amp;".

To solve your immediate problem you can fixup the database input by
replaces in the XSP such as

    text = text.replaceAll("&amp;#220;", "\u00DC");

Note that the &amp; syntax is necessary in an XSP source file.  In a
Java file it would be

    text = text.replaceAll("&#220;", "\u00DC");

If you have a lot of different umlauts to fix it may be worthwhile to
program a function to handle all &#...; with a single regex.

The question remains why the database contains serialized XML text
than Latin-1 or Unicode plain text.  Can't you just fix the database

HTH, Alfred.

-----Original Message-----
From: Dingjun Jia [] 
Sent: Dienstag, 11. Juli 2006 21:38
Subject: AW: How to avoid the encoded text &#220 in pdf generation 

The text in the database is &#220; and not modified by the JDBC driver,
because if i use the following, I get text &#220.
<map:match pattern="test.txt">
<map:generate src="test/test.xsp" type="serverpages"/>
<!-- In the test.xsp i just only used esql to get the data from databse.

<map:serialize type="text"/> 

If i use xml serializer, not text serilaizer, i get text &amp;#220; .
So i suspect, the transform step (<map:transform src="test/pdf.xsl"
type="xslt" />) expects a xml file, so the first step 
(<map:generate src="test/test.xsp" type="serverpages"/>) will generate a
file, and the text in this xml file is then &amp;220; .

which possibilities should I try to tweak the xsp? 

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