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From Gavin Carothers <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.1.x v WebObjects 5.x
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 20:46:26 GMT
Yes, oddly enough I have used both.

... now... compare them...

WebObjects: hasn't been updated in 4 years or so, and has anemic XML  
support, but has excellent tools for doing MVC style applications.  
There is honestly nothing like Direct To Web and the rules framework  
in any modern web application framework java or otherwise. Rails  
pretends to be able to do what DTW does, Zope likely can do most of  
what Direct To Web can but the learning curve there is... cliff like.  
Also, EO while nice and reasonably easy to get started with isn't  
nearly as flexible as hibernate or OJB. WebObjects, even in 5.X,  
still shows a great deal of it's Objective-C roots. NSXML!? Come on,  
this is 2006.

Cocoon: has been updated, is open source. Lives breaths and churns  
XML. However no direct integration with any model framework.  
Flowscript or Javaflow is a dramatic departure from the widget and  
page based model that webobjects and most older web frameworks use.  
As mentioned before, there isn't anything like Direct To Web. The  
template block acts something like .wo's do, but since all of the  
flow, URI space and bizlogic is _really_ separated in cocoon there  
isn't a good way to compare how they both work.

In short Cocoon is modern, and doesn't have much in the way of tools  
and WebObjects is honestly ancient but has some awesome tools (So  
long as your running Mac OS X and don't mind XCode for Java... unless  
wo-lips has gotten a great deal better).

If you want more, feel free to follow up off list as I'm not sure how  
much use this is to the rest of the community.


On Jul 6, 2006, at 3:16 PM, Andrew Madu wrote:

> Hi,
> just wanted to know whether any of you cocooners out there has used  
> apples webjects 5.x, and if so how you think the  2 frameworks  
> compare/differ against one another? In my particular case I am  
> using hibernate 3 as my mapping tool in conjuction with cocoon 2.1.8.
> regards
> Andrew

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