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From "Andrew Stevens" <>
Subject Re: Restrict access to parts of sitemap
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2006 18:00:14 GMT
>From: "Bertrand Delacretaz" <>
>Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 10:13:06 +0200
>On 7/19/06, <> wrote:
>>...<map:match pattern="buildIndex">
>>         <map:generate src="http://localhost:8080//index.xml
>>...which means every (outside) user could be able to start the index when
>>calling buildIndex. I would like to avoid that. Question is: how? ..
>The clean and safest way is to use Cocoon's authentication framework
>to require authentication before accessing buildindex.
>But you could also:
>a) check the client's IP address and allow only requests from
>localhost to buildindex (if you're using a reverse proxy in front of
>Cocoon you'll get this via the X-Forwarded-For header, which you can
>check with a WildcardHeaderMatcher, but see
>b) use security by obscurity and use a hard go guess URL instead of
>buildindex. It's not really safe but the risks are not very high
>either if it's just for index creation

Another possibility - you could always use the J2EE container-provided 
security and add a security-constraint to your web.xml for 
<url-pattern>/buildindex</url-pattern>.  That might be simpler than learning 
the authentication framework or acegi if don't need to authenticate users in 
the rest of your site.


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