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From "Ard Schrijvers" <>
Subject RE: caching RSS feeds or external xml files (WAS: Caching jx with flow)
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 11:58:18 GMT
> > <snip/>

> For the last point, there was implementation[1] of Excalibur's source 
> which was meeting our expectations. Good explanation how to 
> use it was 
> there[2]. However, this code was in 'scratchpad' block and 
> was removed 
> in 2.1.7 release as no one was maintaining it. Valuable gems has been 
> lost, unfortunately.

It is not removed: cocoon/trunk/block/cocoon-scratchpad/cocoon-scratchpad-impl/src/main/java/org/apache/cocoon/components/source/impl

It is by far the most important block there is for us at Hippo. Though, we modified it because
we had problems with not serialiable responses which we had to account for (Actually I believe
there is an error in scratchpad resulting in a NPE, but I did not do the rebuilding so I would
have to lookup where that was).

But is sounds logical to embed it into this block. Only not sure if I will have time for this
on short notice. Bertrand mailed an easy, though effictive way of using external rss. A cocoon
cron job is also possible for this.

> > I want this behavior to have the following behavior:
> >
> > Fetching rss/xml only when modified is clear I suppose. 
> Caching the content is necessary to have the content 
> available when you get a 304. You might have an external rss 
> that lacks proper headers, making your generator having to 
> regenerate the rss every time. Therefore, making the cache 
> also expiring gives you the possibility to only ask for the 
> rss every X minutes. At last, quite an important one, a 
> failing external rss can make your cocoon app waiting very 
> long for the external source, resulting in a broken front end.
> >
> > I think it is not very hard to make an external rss/xml 
> generator that meets these 4 points (or adding a http scheme 
> to the source-factories with a component-instance that 
> behaves accordingly), but I am afraid that it must be in 
> cocoon somewhere already...
> >   
> As for now I cannot work on this but in not-so-distant future I could 
> port and document cached source into 2.1.x's core of course 
> question is 
> if patch would be accepted.
> My gut feeling is that conditional gets are not implemented in 
> Cocoon/Excalibur and I have no idea if would be hard "fix" it.

I am not sure either...would have to look into it as well. Perhaps in a few weeks

Regards Ard

> Any hints greatly appreciated.
> -- 
> Grzegorz Kossakowski
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