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From "Ard Schrijvers" <>
Subject RE: Performance and Sitemaps
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 14:55:34 GMT

> Hi there,
> I've been trying to increase the performance of my cocoon 
> deployment and the profiler has shown me that the pipeline 
> seems quite fast but the over all time is much slower than 
> the time in each of the components in the pipe. When I was 
> playing with a different bit of the site I noticed that it 
> was much faster and was wondering if it might have been 
> something to do with the size of the sitemap in both cases. 
> One of the main areas of my site has a very large sitemap 
> (about 1500 lines, 22 pipelines and  80 matchers). Would this 
> results in a noticeable performance it? If not can you think 
> of anything the profiler might not include in its timings?

I never noticed a correlation between a large sitemap and performance (though sitemaps of
1500 lines I do not like very much, but that is something else :-) )

Anyway, it is not strange that some parts are faster then others. It just depends on what
a specific part does. Does it get an xml file from repository via http or webdav or whatever,
is it a large file, are there complex xsl's (complex for a computer, like counting all nodes
in an xml all the time, or going to parent ancestor next sibbling the previous and the back
to the root..)

Anyway, I don't use profilers to find my slow pieces. I do it from a 10.000 kilometers above
view. In my opinion this works best. I record a page request with solex (eclipse plugin) and
count the time it takes to get the file again (after a clear cache or before, just what you
want to measuer). Then, I start commenting sitemap parts. Within 30 sec you will find any
performance flaw, guaranteed.

Then, I don't know what you consider slow. Are you talking about slow the first time, slow
when cached? Slow = 2 sec or 200 ms? 

Regards Ard

> Thanks,
> Gary
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