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From Justin Fagnani-Bell <>
Subject Re: Getting started again...
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 21:39:19 GMT
Thanks for the reply Grzegorz,

> Have you seen BricksCMS? [1] It is basically showcase for CRUD  
> operations done quite easily in Cocoon.

I'm checking that out right now.

> XSP is being replaced by Template block.

I suppose that's a 2.2 block? I see no docs mentioning it.

> It is refactored and extended version of JX templates (syntax is  
> pretty the same) which was back-ported into 2.1.x branch in 2.1.9  
> AFAIR. Speaking more precisely, Template cannot do everything XSP  
> did. For example there is no ESQLequivalent in Template. Thus this  
> responsibility has been carried to Flowscript/Javaflow. So  
> flowscript have to prepare model for a view.

That's fine with me, it's a better separation of V and MC, I just  
always hated having to really struggle to get XSL to give me the  
output I wanted when I could do it much easier in Java. Things like  
tables, ordering, color-coding, grouping, etc. Jeni Tennison's XSL  
pages helped a lot, but that experience made me appreciate have a  
full programming model at my disposal, not a chosen subset  
implemented by the template language. And XSL's very powerful  
compared to most template languages out there. I guess I'll see with  

> As there is the desire of devs to release first milestone of the  
> most fundamental parts[2] of Cocoon 2.2 it seems reasonable to  
> consider 2.2 not 2.1x branch.

>> Also... I've been looking into Spring and Tuscany to help with  
>> data access and exposing web services. Should I try to get started  
>> with Cocoon 2.2?
> Spring... Spring + Hibernate alternative way of handling data to  
> that showed in BricksCMS. It demands more time for learning but  
> it's more powerful. Also you should know that Spring became default  
> component container in 2.2 so integration is pretty good and tight.  
> So yes, Spring is the way to go for the future.

I've been following the dev mailing list for a little while, trying  
to get a handle on where Cocoon is heading. I had to get started  
though, and seeing how some of the devs had a hard time getting 2.2  
up and running I thought I'd go with 2.1.9. If 2.2M1 really is coming  
out soon, and is somewhat usable, I'd rather go with that. Spring is  
a big plus and I think the only functionality I need is flow,  
templates, and maybe forms.

Ok, well thanks for the advice.


PS. Arrgh. I sent this first from the wrong email and I hoped the  
moderator would catch it. Sorry for the double email.

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