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From Zbigniew Bomert OP <>
Subject Re: Handling sendmail transformer errors/exception
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 10:49:03 GMT
Ard Schrijvers wrote:
>> Hi ,
>> We are using sendmail transformer for email generation. This is
>> working fine, but we want to handle the exceptions that are generated
>> by sendmail transformer.
>> As I understand sendmail transformer results in an xml file which
>> describes that status of the email generation.
>> What I want to do is call a success-result pipeline in case of success
>> and call error-result pipleine in case of error.
>> Basically I want to redirect to differnt pipelines after sendmail
>> transformers output. Any ideas how this ccan be achieved
> Can be done in multiple ways (though of course the nicest ways is "not yet I hope" available
in cocoon, namely "content aware pipelines")
> But, you could:
> 1) call javascript, reading the sendmail output into a dom, and depending on some value
of some element call a sendPage or cocoon redirect.
> 2) Do an xsl transformation on your sendmail output, and create an include (cinclude/include/xinclude...what
do we have more?) depending on the value of some element. just include different pipelines
depending on the result
> 3) Perhaps not the most basic one, you could extend/implement the sendmail transformer
yourself and include the "result specific" stuff in there
> Regards Ard

Another possibility is to use sendmail action instead of the
transformer. For instance:
     [settings all parameters pertaining to sendmail]

     [pipeline-part to be done after succesful sending;
      could be redirection to another pipeline]

    [pipeline-part generated after error; could be redirection
     to another pipeline]


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