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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: How to send a "mime-type: image/jpeg" response generated from a BufferedImage
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 03:44:59 GMT
Christian Sengstock wrote:
> Hello list,
> in my application i generate dynamically a BufferedImage object and i
> want to complete the pipeline with sending the image as a "mime-type:
> image/jpeg" response.
> At the moment i have a matcher which takes the request and calls a
> flowScript function which in turn handles the dynamic creation of the
> BufferedImage. Afterwards i save the image to disk and send the URI of
> the image-file via the cocoon.sendPage( <filename.jpeg> ) function to
> the sitemap, where a reader handles the proper response as a mime-type
> image/jpeg.
> This is working for me but i thought that there might be a better
> approach to do this. Maybe without saving the BufferedImage to disk.
> Can anybody give me a hint how to create a "mime-type: image" response
> out of a BufferedImage? Maybe it's possible by extending a reader or
> by using a serializer?

If you can get the content of your BufferedImage as an InputStream or 
byte[] array (sorry I don't know that API), then you can pass it along 
as view data in sendPage(), and serve it up with the standard 
ResourceReader and the ModuleSource:

=== flowscript: ===

var imageInputStream = ...
cocoon.sendPage("image-pipeline", {imageInputStream:imageInputStream});

==== sitemap: ===

<map:match pattern="image-pipeline">
   <map:read src="module:flow-attr:imageInputStream"
             mime-type="image/jpeg" />


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