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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: Getting started again...
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 09:00:47 GMT
Justin Fagnani-Bell napisaƂ(a):
> Ok, I got cocoon-trunk running. Just had to run mvn install about 10 
> times (I hope end users won't have to use Maven).
The will have to, all hope and prayers should cast a spell on Maven 
repositories to be more stable. ;)
Side-note: I really do not experience all problems with Maven not being 
able to download this or that. I do not have any spectacular Internet 
connection, also. Maybe tweaking settings.xml [1] really solves the 
problem? I strongly advice to do it.
> Most things work, but quite a few of the samples I'm interested in are 
> broken (CForms: Bindings, SQL access, Cocoon suggests; User Preferences).
I encountered the same, not have time to invest this issue this week, 
> Now, I'm trying to go through the tutorial at [1] and I'm getting an 
> error when trying to use maven to create a block skeleton:
>> Failed to resolve artifact.
>> GroupId: org.apache.cocoon
>> ArtifactId: cocoon-archetype-block
>> Version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT
>> Reason: Unable to download the artifact from any repository
You use out-dated articaftId, proper values are:
> I can't really find anything in the list archives yet about this. I'm 
> not sure if the docs are out of date and the command given is wrong or 
> what.
> Any idea?
There is interesting in-depth report on running C2.2 posted by Gavin 
> All this new stuff, especially Maven is going to take some time to 
> learn. My first thought after getting the build working was "great, it 
> works, but now what?". I obviously can't just go in and hack away at 
> sitemaps and toss in files like I was used to because this version 
> will get overwritten next time I build with Maven. It looks like I 
> want to create a block, and that's my site/app right? I guess the docs 
> are behind development... can anyone give me some guidance here?
Yes, you are right. Your application is just another Cocoon block based 
on proper Maven's archetype. I think abandoned possibility to "hack away 
at sitemaps and toss in files" is strengths not weakness. Cocoon in 
2.1.x suffered enough not having standard way of building your own apps. 
And you had to learn other tool: Ant.

In short: Ask questions here, hopefully someone will be able to cover 
your doubts.


Grzegorz Kossakowski

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