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From Justin Fagnani-Bell <>
Subject Re: Getting started again...
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 04:39:03 GMT
Ok, I got cocoon-trunk running. Just had to run mvn install about 10  
times (I hope end users won't have to use Maven).

Most things work, but quite a few of the samples I'm interested in  
are broken (CForms: Bindings, SQL access, Cocoon suggests; User  

Now, I'm trying to go through the tutorial at [1] and I'm getting an  
error when trying to use maven to create a block skeleton:

> Failed to resolve artifact.
> GroupId: org.apache.cocoon
> ArtifactId: cocoon-archetype-block
> Version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT
> Reason: Unable to download the artifact from any repository

I can't really find anything in the list archives yet about this. I'm  
not sure if the docs are out of date and the command given is wrong  
or what.

Any idea?

All this new stuff, especially Maven is going to take some time to  
learn. My first thought after getting the build working was "great,  
it works, but now what?". I obviously can't just go in and hack away  
at sitemaps and toss in files like I was used to because this version  
will get overwritten next time I build with Maven. It looks like I  
want to create a block, and that's my site/app right? I guess the  
docs are behind development... can anyone give me some guidance here?


On Jul 7, 2006, at 3:09 PM, Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:

> Justin Fagnani-Bell napisaƂ(a):
>> I suppose that's a 2.2 block? I see no docs mentioning it.
> Yes, it's 2.2 block, docs can be found here: http:// 
> It is now the place where docs are baked up. Feel free to improve  
> them as there is much room to shine ;)
>> That's fine with me, it's a better separation of V and MC, I just  
>> always hated having to really struggle to get XSL to give me the  
>> output I wanted when I could do it much easier in Java. Things  
>> like tables, ordering, color-coding, grouping, etc. Jeni  
>> Tennison's XSL pages helped a lot, but that experience made me  
>> appreciate have a full programming model at my disposal, not a  
>> chosen subset implemented by the template language. And XSL's very  
>> powerful compared to most template languages out there. I guess  
>> I'll see with JXTemplate...
> I see your point and agree with that.
> JX enable you to pull your data from model into XML in very  
> convenient yet powerful way. There are loops for iteration, ifs and  
> chooses. But JX doesn't try to pull data from e.g. database, it  
> demands flowscript/javaflow to prepare POJOs (or even simple one  
> array) which became source of the data to be pulled. I think it is  
> good design and as you said better separation.
>> I've been following the dev mailing list for a little while,  
>> trying to get a handle on where Cocoon is heading. I had to get  
>> started though, and seeing how some of the devs had a hard time  
>> getting 2.2 up and running I thought I'd go with 2.1.9.
> It may sound quite weird but for me it seems that C2.2 is much  
> easier to run for newcomer than for developer. See my [1] and  
> Patrick's [2] mails. Developers have hard time getting 2.2 because  
> maven has some issues with getting updates into account. The best  
> is to try for your own! More people testing, fixing some urgent  
> issues means greater chance for M1 released soon. I found myself  
> running most of the CForms samples running fine. This is a proof  
> that 2.2 is not in chaos as CForms is quite complicated beasts and  
> exploits many parts of Cocoon.
> PS. Yes, I'm making some buzz about 2.2 but only because I think  
> it's worth it.
> [1] 
> focus=65225
> [2] 
> focus=57052
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