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From "Omar Adobati" <>
Subject Re: is this the right approach??
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 12:03:40 GMT
On 7/27/06, Grzegorz Kossakowski <> wrote:
> Omar Adobati napisaƂ(a):
> > Good Morning all,
> >
> > I need a suggestion about the implementative choice I'm doing.
> > This is my scenario:
> > I need to fill a form and than use the SendMAil Transformer and some
> > other to send the message via various media types (suppose SMS, IM or
> > maybe generating RDF, PDF, XHTML and WAP pages). Id' like to make all
> > this processes transparent to the user making hi able just to select
> > the media(s) he want to use.
> 1. Do you plan to use CForms?

Yes, the idea is to use CForms. I think you still know this now in
fact you answered my other e-mail (thanks).

> 2. What do you mean sending via XHTML? Do you want to store the message
> somewhere and then generate XHTML for it on request? The doubt same goes
> for PDF, WAP etc.

If I'm not wrong you are suggestin me to store in a DB the form, then
recall the data I have stored and use them to "build" my files. But
something isn't clear to me. There's no way to not store and then
recall immediately the data from the DB? For example, I use the
SendMail transformer as an action, I could use the data filled into
the form just without ask them to the db... anyway I need to store
them to make themselve available to other media, such as HTML, WML and
maybe PDF and similar... I think I have to think about it, but it
sounds to be the easyest way (I means, store-and-use).

thanks for your time I'll let you know...


> --
> Grzegorz Kossakowski

Dr. Omar Adobati
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