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From "Gustavo N. Fernandes" <>
Subject RES: [GT2006] Call for IDEAS! The 5th Cocoon GetTogether: October 2nd to 4th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2006 14:18:32 GMT
Hi, here are some things that would make me travel to Amsterdam  ;)  

1) Cocoon application framework:

Cocoon is made of several powerful components: flow, binding, xsp,
jxtemplate, cforms, authentication, portal,etc. One might feel "lost" among
all these technologies. Commercial web applications almost always have
requisites as login, authorization, menu, form processing, templating,
integration with backends (database). How does Cocoon provide these
requisites? Going further, how to create a "typical" project that implements
those requisites with cocoon, regarding sitemap hierarchy and organization,
class model, deployment, artifacts, where do flows scripts must go, etc?
Case studies showing large web applications would be interesting.

2) Cocoon for 'non-java' professionals and Cocoon project management

How productive a junior developer or a non-java developer can be with
cocoon? At first glance, cocoon offers cforms, binding and flow, that
requires little training in order to start producing. What are the required
knowledge in order to hire a professional that should work in a cocoon
project, taking in account the 'area' that this professional will work in
the project (layout, business object, forms)? Since the first version,
Cocoon offered separation of concerns. Does that works in real world? 
How does cocoon reduces the risk on building large projects with large

3) The performance myth

Since the beginning several people that consider using cocoon in a project
feel a bit disconfortable with the fact that whatever cocoon does, it needs
to parse and transform lots of XML. I personally think that cocoon does well
in production systems, but it might be interesting to hear:

- A little background on cocoon performance. In what ways does cocoon
evolved thru time that cause a performance gain
- How to tweak Cocoon in order to extract from it more performance when
needed. That could range from best practices to Avalon configuration.
- Real numbers on cocoon performance, real hardware and real deployment
topology (load balancing, session replication)
- A caching tour. How can I use caching effectively and what can I cache
- Measuring performance. How can I know at what speed my cocoon site is

4) Tooling

Cocoon developers deals with a myriad of technologies: Java itself,
javascript, xml, cforms, jxtemplate. What are the tools that can help short
development time? 
Is there some code generation tools around? Is MDA tools are available, in
order to generate round trip engineering on some cocoon artifacts?
Going further, what are the tools that can help testing and monitoring
cocoon application ? 

5) The future

What does the future reserves to Cocoon? I heard that Cocoon will be Spring
based in the future, also read that Lepido is dead. A Cocoon roadmap
explained would be interesting. What are the major changes that Cocoon will
suffer? In what direction things like flow and cforms are going? What are
the blocks that will be deprecated soon? What are the new ones?


Best regards,
Gustavo Fernandes 

-----Mensagem original-----
De: Arje Cahn [] 
Enviada em: segunda-feira, 3 de julho de 2006 14:13
Assunto: [GT2006] Call for IDEAS! The 5th Cocoon GetTogether: October 2nd to
4th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hi folks,

We need your ideas! What would YOU like to see at this year's Cocoon

This year's Cocoon conference will be held again in Amsterdam, The
Netherlands, from Monday, October 2nd, until Wednesday, October 4th. Faster
and funkier than ever!

The GetTogether event runs as a series of presentations on different aspects
of Apache Cocoon. Several short tracks will give you insight on all aspects
of Cocoon, from generator to serializer and from CForms to AJAX, packed with
with real success stories and best practices. There's plenty of time for
interaction and probing questions. Whether you're a Cocoon developer or
user, either expert, beginner, or only curious, this event is for you. Want
to know more about the technology and the people behind it? Come join us at
this year's Cocoon GetTogether in Amsterdam!

But first, we'd like to hear everyone's ideas on WHAT you would really,
*really* like to see:

* Which parts of Cocoon would you like to see demonstrated?
* Which bits of code would you like to see projected on a huge screen in
  *big* letters, with the author right next to it, explaining you exactly
how and *why* 
  he wrote it like that?
* Which parts of Cocoon do you find utterly complicated and would you like
to get some help with?
* What would you like your boss to get demonstrated? (convince him to use
Cocoon :-) )
* ...maybe you've got some Cocoon wizardry yourself to share at the
Lightning Lottery Talks?

Everyone is free to send in a list of subjects for which he or she would
travel all the way to Amsterdam.
There's no program yet. This year's program is up to YOU - so send in those

Here's a couple of them to get you started:

- Success stories (why someone chose Cocoon, for what, what was great and
what not?)
- Comparison of Cocoon with other web frameworks
- Why should I upgrade to 2.2?
- Some howto's / best practices for
    - Configuration
    - Using Spring
    - Building Cocoon
- 10 Reasons to use Cocoon
- A "What's new in 2.2 and how to use it track" with different topics, 5 to
10min per topic.
- What's up for Cocoon 3.0?
- The Funky Cocoon AJAX tour (with lots of samples!)
- A short (!!) introduction to OSGi (what's all that fuzz about?!)
- Practical case studies, where people show how they are using Cocoon, the
  architecture of their apps, what they're integrating Cocoon with, what
makes their app 
  unique, etc. We could to 20+10 (20 minutes prez, 10 minutes questions)
slots for this, 
  and have at least 4 or 6 of them during the day.

We're all using Cocoon in wildly different ways, which is one of its major
strengths - let's show this at this year's GetTogether!
Please add your thoughts!


Kind regards,

Arjé Cahn


Oosteinde 11
1017WT Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel  +31 (0)20 5224466
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