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From "Angelo Immediata" <>
Subject Re: portal and forms - no script / styling
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 21:25:15 GMT
Hi Christian.
Maybe i'm wrong and this means nothing...but in your cocoon.log file I have seen this:

WARN  (2006-06-27) 20:02.21:640 [sitemap.transformer.xslt] (/cocoon/samples/blocks/portal/portal)
http-8080-Processor24/TraxErrorListener: file:/D:/_authoring/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28/webapps/cocoon/samples/blocks/portal/coplets/spmt/stylesheets/aggregate-transform.xsl:7:40

Maybe this can cause your problem....but i'm not sure :-)

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>From      : "christian bindeballe"
To          :
Cc          : 
Date      : Tue, 27 Jun 2006 20:07:11 +0200
Subject : Re: portal and forms - no script / styling

> Hi Carsten,
> still having some problems with my coplets here.
> Some of the CForms I call end up with showing nothing. Not even an
> "coplet XYZ not available at the moment"-message.
> In my Cocoon/Portal logs there is nothing that refers specifically to
> those pages. I have attached my logs, maybe you can look at them,
> because I don't really understand, if it says anything that could help
> me. because, I get authenticated, in the cocoon.log there is no WARN
> message about the role not authenticating, it says it is "caching new
> response for
> PK_G-file-file:/D:/_authoring/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28/webapps/cocoon/samples/blocks/portal/resources/sunrise-user.xml_T-xslt-file:/D:/_authoring/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28/webapps/cocoon/samples/blocks/portal/styles/authenticate.xsl;password=peter;name=Christian;use-request-parameters=true
> but the portal.log has a WARN message, that it cannot find the profile
> for a user of the role 'owner' (which is the user I am authenticating
> with). I'm not using the cowarp authentication, but the
> cocoon-authentication-framework.
> and I looked at this again:
> > Ah, yes, this is wrong :) With {1} you refer to values provided directly
> > by the surrounding action. If you want to refer to the value of the
> > matcher, you have to use {../../1}. 
> could it be that it has to be "../../{1}" or am I missing something here?
> sorry, for bothering you for so long with this, it's just soo weird that
> everything works outside the portal, but inside it doesn't.
> best regards and thanks in advance
> christian

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