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From "Ard Schrijvers" <>
Subject RE: Encoding from flowscript to component
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2006 20:03:26 GMT
But is then the problem not just in your myComponent? What does it do? 

Yes, the form encoding is well configured.
We are able to retrieve correctly the accentuated characters from the form in the flowsript.
The problem occurs when we pass the bean from the flowscript to the component.

Ard Schrijvers wrote: 

In your web.xml, you have the form-encoding configured correctly??

For example, 





Regards Ard



We are using Cocoon 2.1.9 (Windows XP/Tomcat 5.0.30 and Suse 9/Tomcat 

5.0) and we have a problem with the encoding when passing 

Java objects 

from the fowscript to an Avalon component.

Here is a sample of our code:;

        try {   

            var myComponent = cocoon.getComponent(myComponent.ROLE);



        finally {



If we inspect the values of the bean in the flowscript, all the 

accentuated characters are well encoded.

But if we inspect the same values in the save function of the 


the accentuated characters are not well encoded.

Does anyone already had the same problem ?

Thanks for your answers.



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