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From Michael Ralston <>
Subject Re: content managed dynamic cforms
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 00:31:24 GMT
So how did you get the form data into the email? Could you give me an 


Kamal Bhatt wrote:
> We did this. We did not bother with the XML, just construct the 
> subject, pass it to the sitemap and send the mail.
> Michael Ralston wrote:
>> I am attempting to create a Lenya module which displays a CForm, then 
>> sends an email with the data entered into the form. A basic 
>> Contact/Sendmail type form. I am trying to make this form content 
>> managed so that the fields can be edited, new fields added etc.
>> The problem I am having is trying to bind the form to a java object 
>> to send the email. Is it possible to do this binding without a 
>> specific form binding xml for each instance of my contact form? Is 
>> there a way to either create a generic binding which will send all 
>> form fields to the same java method? IE, some sort of custom binding 
>> which does not specify the form field id, but simply passes all form 
>> fields to something like: void setData(String fieldId, String 
>> fieldValue);
>> Or alternatively is there a way to programmatically iterate over the 
>> form fields, name and value? The 'forms.formmodel.Form' object 
>> supports getChildren which returns an iterator over the  widgets, but 
>> this is not the class of object which is created in either a 
>> flowscript or javaflow Form constructor. Is it possible to obtain an 
>> instance of forms.formmodel.Form from a form which has been submitted 
>> or am I barking up the wrong tree?
>> Any help appreciated
>> Michael R
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