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From christian bindeballe <>
Subject Re: portal and forms - no script / styling
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 19:45:59 GMT
Hi, Carsten,

that was a very good hint, indeed it made it work as to styling :) thank
you very much for taking the time to look into it.
now, the only thing is, when I have entered data into the form, after
submitting, I get the message "the coplet spmt-1 is currently not
available". how, or where can I find out, what caused this error? there
is nothing in the cocoon.log or portal.log that matches the time the
error occurred. could it have to do with wrapping continuations in an
action like this one?

<map:match pattern="*.continue">
 <map:act type="auth-loggedIn">  <!-- check authentication -->
  <map:parameter name="handler" value="managehandler"/>
  <map:act type="auth-protect">  <!-- give access to the context -->
   <map:parameter name="handler" value="managehandler"/>
   <map:call continuation="{1}"/>
 <map:redirect-to uri="login"/>

Without this one nothing works in the main sitemap, but putting it in
the sub-sitemap doesn't help.

By the way, is the caching URI coplet the right way to go for using
CForms in the portal, or should I switch to an application-coplet?

OK, that's enough questions for now,

if you have any suggestions or thoughts, let me know, I really
appreciate you helping out!

best regards,


Carsten Ziegeler schrieb:
> CForms in coplets is working - we are using cforms a lot in our portals
> without any problems. Now, can you check how the <link> elements in the
> generated portal page for the cforms resources look like? Perhaps they
> have a wrong prefix or something like that.
> Now, in our solutions we do not include the cforms stylesheets but just
> copy the important content (the link elements) from the cforms
> stylesheets to the portal-page.xsl. Of course, your solution is more
> general and should also still work if you upgrade Cocoon. Our solution
> requires manual steps each time we upgrade to a newer Cocoon version
> (and of course when the cforms stylesheets change). But we never had any
> problems with this.
> Carsten

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