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From Jeremy Green <>
Subject CForms on-value-changed for the CombotBox widget?
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 17:21:06 GMT
Hey everyone I have a combo box in a form (<ft:widget id="client" 
type="suggest">) which is working really well except for one little 
problem.  I can't figure out how to trigger a change in the form based 
on a value set in the combo box.  I've added code for the 
<fd:on-value-changed> in the form model, but it never gets called.  I'm 
guessing this has something to do with the combo box not knowing to 
report back to the server after its value changes.  Does anyone have any 
ideas on how to do this? 

Just FYI I'm pretty much trying to duplicate the car selector sample but 
with combo boxes instead of the drop down.  I'd like for people to be 
able to use the same form to add new items just by typing in the name 
(while getting suggestions for items that match what they've typed so 
far.)  So far the first combo box is working pretty well, but I can't 
figure out how to switch the fd:suggestion-list src attribute on the 
second list when the first one changes.


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