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From Tobia <>
Subject Accessing the stack of parameters from an action
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 14:10:43 GMT

How does one access the previous layers of sitemap parameters from
inside an action?  For example in this snippet of code:

<resource name="page">
  <act src="process.xsp" type="xsp-action">

<match pattern="article-*">
  <call resource="page">
    <parameter name="type" value="article"/>
    <parameter name="id" value="{1}"/>

How would I access "class" and "id" from inside the process.xsp action
without passing them explicitly from layer to layer of parameters?  
I'd rather avoid repeating them over and over like this:

<resource name="page">
  <act src="init.xsp" type="xsp-action">
    <parameter name="type" value="{type}"/>
    <parameter name="id" value="{id}"/>

Is it possible?  Should I be doing it in a different way?  I'm asking
because repeating things in a complex pipeline can get messy quite
easily, but I didn't find a solution on the Cocoon docs.


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