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From Edward Elhauge>
Subject Re: Failure on sending email using Flow.
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 21:06:22 GMT
Thanks Jason the geronimo-spec jars were the problems. More below.

* Jason Johnston <> wrote on [2006-06-13 17:11]:
> Edward Elhauge wrote:
> >Hi, I have a problem that is stumping me. I've created a class
> >to send canned email messages; it uses the Sun mail.jar,
> >Debian Linux, Cocoon 2.1.8, and the Jetty AppServer.
> >
> >I can use this class in a stand alone mode and get mail sent out (this
> >is true whether I'm running as myself or as the cocoon user).
> >
> >When I try to use the same class within Flow I get nothing at all.
> >There isn't even an error in the log. The status is always "SENT"
> >so it doesn't seem like an exception is every thrown.
> When you run your Java test class, I assume it is run outside the Cocoon 
> environment, correct?  My first guess would be a classpath issue.
> Make sure that the Sun mail.jar and activation.jar are in Cocoon's 
> WEB-INF/lib, and that the geronimo-spec-* version of both are *not* 
> there, as they will conflict.

Yes I did have the Sun jars, but I had to get rid of the geronimo-spec
ones also. The mail doesn't go through if you use the geronimo-spec jars
alone. I guess geronimo-spec is not totally compliant with the Sun Spec,
or is plain broken?

To be able to rebuild and reinstall the release you need to exclude
the mail block, otherwise the geronimo-spec jars come back. To bad there
isn't an easy way to provide equivalent jars to fulfill dependencies.

Anyway, I have my app happily sending HTML email confirmations from
Cocoon Forms now.


Ed Elhauge

        Edward Elhauge <>
"Colourless green ideas sleep furiously." -- Noam Chomsky

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