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From Abbas Mousavi <>
Subject Re: source-writing - then redirect?
Date Sat, 10 Jun 2006 16:23:06 GMT
in both cases, using source writing transformer and using flowscrip you should proceed the
same way: 
   with transformer you have a pipeline, you add to it an xslt for and the transformer, 
  with flowscript you have the same pipeline, you write a simple function to write this document
to  a source.

 of cource replacing a fragment of a document, as is possible with transformer, is more dificult
with flowscript but 
flowscript is more controlable and the resulting pipeline will be simpler and cleaner.

christian bindeballe <> wrote: hey abbas, everyone

thanks, this approach looks very neat. although it still poses the
question to me, how I would proceed if I wanted only to change or add a
few elements in my document. I think the source-write-transformer is
pretty good for this, the only thing being, that the output is not good
for use-cases like mine. I'll try both ways and then I'll decide which
one is more suitable.

thanks a lot for the hints, it helped me a lot :)



Abbas Mousavi schrieb:
> Hi christian
> The Igor's proposal will work but it is not the best and standard way of
> doing the thing.
> you should use flowscript for this task , with a flowscript you can
> write the output of one or more pipelines to any source and then
> redirect the flow to any page that you want. It is simple and clean. you
> can find an example in cocoon samples:
> cocoon-webapp-dir\samples\blocks\webdav\flowsample, take a look at it.
> regards
> Abbas

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