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From Luca Morandini <>
Subject Re: repalce function in Flowscript ?
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 12:56:47 GMT
Simone Gianni wrote:
> Hi Luca,
> I think there is a misunderstanding between the fact that the "filters"
> variable is a java.lang.String object, while you are trying to use it as
> if it was a javascript string.
> In flow (and in rhino generally) you can have a javascript string ( var
> a = 'ciao';) or a java string ( var a = new
>'ciao') ). The method you can call on one or
> another depends on the kind of string you are actually using.
> I know this is a lot confusing, also because sometimes (eg. when the
> string is used as a parameter) it is automatically converted from one
> form to the other, while when calling a method on it it's not converted.
> I actually know how to convert a javascript string to a java string (
> var a = new; ) but not how to do the
> opposite, maybe a simple var a = myjavastring + ''; could do the trick,
> not sure about it.
> Hope this helps,

Hmmm... "replace" is a JavaScript function, not a Java one, hence I 
cannot understand how the string differences apply :(

Anyway, I tried:
var jfilters= new;
var re= new"/a/g");
var s= new"b");
jfilters.replace(re, b);

to no avail:
...line 249: Cannot convert /a/g to java.lang.Character


    Luca Morandini

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