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Subject Re: how to access a database RESTfully
Date Mon, 22 May 2006 21:40:10 GMT
Hi Thomas,

In order to RESTfully interact with a resource, you will need two pieces of

1) The address of the resource, in the form of a URI (Uniform/Universal
Resource Identifier)
2) The operation to be performed on the resource, in the form of an HTTP
method (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc)

If by 'access' you mean to retrieve a representation of the resource, you
should be able to do this with a standard Cocoon generator or reader.  I
don't believe that Cocoon supports non-GET requests, so if you need to do
anything other than GET, you will probably have to pursue a different

Perhaps if you could provide more information on how you are try to access
the resource, what you are expecting from a successful operation, and how
you intend on incorporating this within your current Cocoon-based app,
people can provide more specific assistance.


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                                       how to access a database RESTfully  
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I want to access a RDF data store named Sesame 2, which provides a RESTful
API, with GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. Initially I assumed this should be
rather easy even for a beginner like me but I couldn't find any tutorial or

example how this can be done without writing some Java code which I can't.

Thanks for any help,


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