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Subject Re: User Management Application in Cocoon, maybe based on CForms
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 08:09:03 GMT
Hi Torsten,

I had this challenge and implemented a solution using the LDAPTransformer, 
CForms with AJAX and a few custom Transformers that talk to the Novell 
opens-source LDAP library. I used the LDAPTransformer to do simple queries 
and the Novell library to add and delete users from predefined groups. 
It's not entirely what you describe (does not plug into the authentication 
framework for instance) but is suitable for asset control people to 
provision and deprovision systems. You might find the Custom Transformer 
source useful if you want it.


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Torsten Schlabach <> 
08/05/2006 18:48
Please respond to


User Management Application in Cocoon, maybe based on CForms

Dear List!

Does anyone know of a Cocoon application which managed user objects (and 
possibly roles and some custom attributes) which are part of an LDAP tree?

I would be looking for something which I can pass a certain LDAP 
context. It should list all user objects found in that context and 
provide functionality to add and edit users and assign them roles?

Shouldn't that be something which a lot of people who have been 
developing all kinds of CMS and portals based on Cocoon had a need for 
before? Or am I just missing the obvious?

Just to make it clear: I have understood how to use LDAP and the Cocoon 
authentication framework. This is not my question. I am talking about a 
(cuszomizable, maybe embeddable) UI!


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