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Subject Re: cocoon 2.1.8 PortalEngine obtaining User/Group Info in the Sitemap
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 12:00:48 GMT
Thanks Jens,

I have been struggling to find out how to get this vital nugget of info. I 
have to admit to be rather bewildered by the Portal framework and have 
been clinging to the insight available from postings like yours.

Any other useful pointers would be much appreciated as the complexity of 
this component can put off prospective users. You are probably aware that 
the userManagement tools are broken in 2.1.8/9  The flow script falls over 
since it can't get hold of the Cocoon component that has the User data in 
it. Not surprising since this seems to have changed significantly when 
Carsten slipped in the CoWarp stuff!

Anyway, thanks again, at least I can now do :-


from some flowscript kicked off from the portal page. Getting my head 
around portlets and coplets and events will take a while but I'm sure it 
will be worth it.....


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Jens Maukisch <> 
20/04/2006 19:10
Please respond to

"" <>

Re: cocoon 2.1.8 PortalEngine obtaining User/Group Info in the Sitemap


> how can i obtain the User and the Group Information in the Sitemap ?
> I need these Data to pass it as Parameters for a XSLT transformation.

inside the <map:act type="cowarp-is-logged-in">
you can access the information you want.
e.g. you can get the username via {ID}.


* best regards
* Jens Maukisch 

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