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From Andre Fiedler <>
Subject SQLTransformer Help
Date Mon, 01 May 2006 10:26:13 GMT
Hi everybody,

I am creating a cocoon application talking to a database, extracting  
the basic information via SQLTransformer and let it be displayed. So  
far so good .. almost everything is fine, instead of one thing. After  
database communication creates the XML-file in (A) my XSLT (B) should  
transform it and give the output in a table .. But even after  
successfully calling the correct template and print some nonsens for  
debugging purposes I am still not able to address the sql createt  
elements in the XML-file one level deeper ... :-/ u know what I  
meen ? let me show you:

(A) generated XML File

<speiseplan xmlns:xi="">
	<tage nrofrows="5" name="tage" xmlns:sql=" 
SQL/2.0" xmlns="">
		<rowset nrofrows="3" xmlns:sql=""  
				<essen_titel>Essen 1</essen_titel>
				<essen_beschreibung>Senfeier mit Backkartoffeln und  
				<essen_titel>Essen 2</essen_titel>
				<essen_beschreibung>Tomatensuppe, dazu Basilikum. Croutons und  
Gew&uuml;rze der Provence</essen_beschreibung>
				<essen_beschreibung>Spaghetti Bolognese mit frischem Parmesan</ 

(B) XSLT extract
<xsl:template name="tag" match="sql:rowset">
        <br/> <br/>
         <p class="p">
             <xsl:value-of select="$var"/>
         <br/> <br/>
         <table width="600" class="content_table" cellpadding="5"  
                 <td class="content_table_top" width="20%">Titel</td>
                 <td class="content_table_top"  
                 <td class="content_table_top" width="20%">Preis in  
          <xsl:call-template name="essen"/>

   <xsl:template name="essen" match="rowset/sql:row">
             <td class="content_table_td" width="20%">b<xsl:value-of  
             <td class="content_table_td" width="60%">b<xsl:value-of  
             <td class="content_table_td" width="20%">b<xsl:value-of  

(C) generated HTML extract
<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" class="content_table"  
<td width="20%" class="content_table_top">Titel</td><td width="60%"  
class="content_table_top">Beschreibung</td><td width="20%"  
class="content_table_top">Preis in EURO</td>
<td width="20%" class="content_table_td">b</td><td width="60%"  
class="content_table_td">b</td><td width="20%"  
Essen 1Senfeier mit Backkartoffeln und Schwarzwurzeln2.5Essen  
2Tomatensuppe, dazu Basilikum. Croutons und Gew&uuml;rze der  
Provence2.99Bio-EssenSpaghetti Bolognese mit frischem Parmesan3.8	

Obvisously I want the Entries "Essen 1..." appear in the table and  
not afterwards .. :-( and do undergo that mechanism as much as row- 
elements appear, not only once as it is now .. (rember the rows of  
"b" in (A))

Do you know an answer to that? currently it has driving me crazy for  
5 hours ..

thanks and greetings


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