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From "Seth Foss" <>
Subject RE: Restrict users to flow
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 12:28:27 GMT
    That looks like just what I need. Could you give me an example of
how your are accessing that xml from your sitemap?


From: tedwards [] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 7:06 PM
Subject: Re: Restrict users to flow

Hi Seth,
I restrict what users can and can't do by running them through a
'traffic cop' of sorts.
I have a navigation document which performs 2 functions: 1 is to
generate the menus that the program displays and the other is to
determine who can have access to a particular portion of the

For example:

A section of my navigation.xml looks like this:
    <menu_category type="non-visible">
        <menu label="non-visible">
            <menu-item href="" label="processLinks"
roleName="Public" role="1"/>
            <menu-item href="" label="noticeEdit"
roleName="Public" role="1"/>
            <menu-item href="" label="searchHrcy"
roleName="Admin" role="256"/>
            <menu-item href=""
label="getChildNodesOnly" roleName="Public" role="1"/>

When a user tries to access a particular flow function like
'', their user permissions (a global variable obtained at
login) is compared to the role attribute of the menu-item. If they don't
have sufficient privileges to access this function then they are
Similarly if they attempt to access and function not listed in the
navigation.xml, an error is generated and they are redirected.
All this role checking and redirection is handled by flow. This could be
extended to include any pipeline calls as well by listing them in the
navigation document and using flow to call sendPage(menu-item).

I hope this makes sense. The application I am writing required really
fine grained access level so I knocked up this 'traffic cop' to check
every public flow function.
If you need more detail, let me know.


Seth Foss wrote: 

	How do I restrict a user from accessing pipelines outside of
flowscript?  I can figure out how to redirect un-authenticated users to
a login page, but if logged-in users manually enter a pipeline into the
address bar, how do I redirect them into my flowscript. I plan on using
continuations, so Submits and Nexts will not direct to the correct pages
without the flowscript running.
	Seth Foss


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