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From Patrick Refondini <>
Subject Re: CFORMS: Accept Multiple Date Formats
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 22:47:37 GMT
Daniel Curran wrote:
> I have a date field in my form definition setup as:
> <fd:field id="dscdate">
>  <fd:datatype base="date">
>    <fd:convertor type="formatting">
>      <fd:patterns>
>        <fd:pattern>MM-dd-yyyy</fd:pattern>
>        <fd:pattern>MM/dd/yyyy</fd:pattern>
>      </fd:patterns>
>    </fd:datatype>
> </fd:field>
> When a user enters a date such as 10-20-2005 a failure is the result, 
> with the form generating a validation message. When entering the date as 
> 10/20/2005 the submission is successful. Is it possible to accept both 
> these formats? If so how should this be setup?
> Thanks,
> Dan

Hi Daniel,
The only way I know to have "multiple" patterns is with locale:

<fd:convertor type="formatting">
     <fd:pattern locale="nl-BE">dd/MM/yyyy</fd:pattern>
     <fd:pattern locale="fr">dd-MM-yyyy</fd:pattern>

Example taken from:

But this won't allow two "active" patterns at the same time which seems 
to be what you're after.

You might also consider using aggregated fields, see (click "switch" 

Just hints,


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