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From es <>
Subject problems with js and cforms
Date Fri, 26 May 2006 18:28:19 GMT
Hello all,
I've problems getting my cform js working: the calendar field for 
example doesn't pop up, fields doesn't react to on-value-changed etc.
I've checked the head is ok, same as the examples output.
The problem is probably on the onload event. I have the need to init 
some custom js in my page and I've overrided 
window.onload=function(){...} with my function. Loading the page the js 
debugger gives me
Error: forms_onloadHandlers[i].forms_onload is not a function Source 
file: http://localhost:9999/01/resources/forms/js/forms-lib.js
on clicking the calendar I got
Error: forms_getForm(this) has no properties
if I comment out the my own onload() the first error on loading doesn't 
happens anymore but I still get the later when I click the calendar img. 
So it's probably two separate problem.
any advices? I'm a bit lost after a day trying to solve the problem and 
no related messages on this ml ... at least I didn't found... Tell me if 
you need further details. (cocoon 2.1.9)

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