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From es <>
Subject java bean 2 OO Calc Xcell binding anyone?
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 15:25:25 GMT
Greetings community! (when next get-together  ?)

I need help/advices to automatically bind beans populated by CForm and 
an OpenOffice  Calc spreadsheet.
The fields are a lot (150 or more) now I wonder if there is a more 
clever idea then to do ooCalcWrapper.setCellValue( "C15", bean.getC15()) 
for 150 different fields.
Since a lot these cells are simple cellranges like C15:C30 I'm sure 
there is a way (how?) I can iterate the cellranges horizzontaly or 
vertically and set/get the value and fill a Collection.
Then I can use reflection to discover the get/set method of the bean and 
doing a binding.

Another thing:
Looking at the samples I've see that they way CForm can build up a 
dropdown list is using Enum. I wonder how can I generate it dynamically 
and how can I set the selected option on loading, since I need to get it 
from the underlying spreadsheet.

Since I'm in great pressure because I have to deliver the whole web 
application in 15gg if someone is interested in developing this or other 
things in this cocoon+openoffice+svg solution and is ready to jump in I 
have some €$work$€ for you ! contact me for details pm
Eli Mad

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