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From werner <>
Subject Re: [CFORMS] can't migrate form from 2.1.8 to 2.1.9
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 15:23:45 GMT
Hola Antonio,

Thanks for the hint. I have always been using the__ 
jdbc-connection-descriptor level declaration to declare ObjectCache 
implementation (in repository_database.xml). I never used the default 
cocoon configuration files from cocoon. Therefore I don't know where it 
was declared before. But I looked into the cocoon 2.1.8 config files and 
could not find any difference. Are you sure there was a change in the 
ojb configuration?


Antonio Gallardo wrote:

> Hi Werner,
> In OJB 1.0.4 pay attention to the cache configuration it was moved to 
> the repository.xml. If yo don't configure it your application will be 
> slower than before.
> Best Regards,
> Antonio Gallardo.
> werner escribió:
>> well, I think I can answer this myself. It looks like it is an OJB 
>> issue. Don't know why, but it looks there was a change between OJB 
>> 1.0.3 and 1.0.4. When the data get saved the whole data are refreshed 
>> from the database and overwrite the changed data. This is not 
>> intended. It has to do with the cache and some refresh attributes. 
>> Using the OJB persistenceBrokerAPI with the default cache is a real 
>> challenge. It never does what it is expected to do.
>> werner wrote:
>>> Dear Mailing List!
>>> Once again I need your help. I'm struggling with a form that behaves 
>>> strange in Cocoon 2.1.9 although it worked fine in 2.1.8 and 
>>> 2.1.9-dev (early december version). It's quite a big form that 
>>> contains information about a company and its employees. I use a 
>>> repeater widget for the employees. The problem is, when I display 
>>> the form for the first time and change for example the name of the 
>>> company (simple widget which contains a string) and then try do save 
>>> it, the change gets lost, as if nothing ever happened. Only the data 
>>> from the repeater get saved.  After displaying the form a second 
>>> time, everything works fine. I found out that removing the repeater 
>>> would solve the problem. But I can't do that. Remote debugging 
>>> showed that ValueJXPathBinding.doSave(..) recognizes the changed 
>>> values, but I don't know what happens after this (or how to debug 
>>> this). The form gets called from flow like this:
>>> while (true) {           var formEdit = new 
>>> Form("forms/firmenEditIIDef.xml");                                
>>> formEdit.createBinding("forms/firmenEditIIBinding.xml");
>>>        formEdit.load(firma);
>>> formEdit.showForm("admin_formPage/firmenEditIITemplate",{"user" : 
>>> user, "msg" : msg });    ;
>>>            // data should have changed
>>> }
>>> Does anybody experience something similar? Or can anyone tell me how 
>>> I can debug the binding framework  to find out why only the repeater 
>>> data get updated and the other data changes get lost although 
>>> ValueJXPathBinding.doSave seems to work?
>>> Thank you
>>> Werner
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