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From Nils Kaiser <>
Subject Profiler won't show pipeline content - document not well formed due to & character
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 07:34:05 GMT

I have a self-written transformer that uses DOM4J and XSLT to do some 
transformations. I use two transformers of that type in my pipeline. The 
pipeline is working like a charm, but in the profiler I get problems 
showing the fragments after the second transformer in some cases. The 
profiler shows my an Errorpage with SAXException "not well formed".

I tried to find out where the problem lies, and it turned out that when 
a '&' is generated by my first transformer (I use an extension to 
extract DOM data from an external source) as result of an 
<xsl:value-of/>, then the fragment cannot be shown, but only after the 
second transformer. So after the first transformer the & is ok - 
profiler is working - , but after the second one the profiler cannot 
show the pipeline content anymore.

How does the profiler save the pipeline content?
How should & be propagated through SAX events, as entity or only &?

Again, the pipeline is working nicely but I only cannot use the profiler 
for the case described above.



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