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From "Victoria Vitaver" <>
Subject RE: [CForms] decorating onclick handler for submit button?
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 22:20:15 GMT

What you can do is define your own styling element on the submit widget and
match for it in forms-sample-styling.xsl. Ensure the match is of a higher
priority than the default match. It works well for us, but I am not sure
whether this is the _best_ way of doing such things.



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From: Mark Lundquist []
Sent: Saturday, 22 April 2006 9:14 AM
Subject: [CForms] decorating onclick handler for submit button?

Hi, this seems like it should be simple, sorry if it's a FAQ :-/...

I have a submit widget, which as usual is transformed to

	<input type="submit" onclick="forms_submitForm(this, 'yes'); return
false" ... />

Now, suppose we want to attach some typical client-side action as an
onclick handler, such as "debouncing" a button against double clicks,
or popping up a confirmation dialog.  It seems like the best than can
be done is to brute-force it, i.e. write my own onclick handler that is
CForms-aware (i.e., calls forms_submitForm() to submit the form).  But
even if I do that, I end up with two onclick attributes in the HTML.
At the very least, shouldn't forms-field-styling.xsl not write the
onclick attribute if there is already one in the document source?  Or
am I totally going about this in the wrong way?


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