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From "Pelssers, Robby, VF-NL" <>
Subject RE: output indentation once and for all
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 08:48:57 GMT
Hi Justin,

Have a look at

It seems those guys got indentation working.


-----Original Message-----
From: Justin Hannus [] 
Sent: maandag 24 april 2006 17:18
Subject: output indentation once and for all

I've been trying to find documentation on how to get nicely indented 
output from cocoon for the *longest* time and with no luck.  I've been 
lead down some many wrong paths that I'm about to give up on ever having

pretty xml ever again.

I'm using Cocoon 2.1.7, XMLSerializer and Xalan which all ship with

These are all the things I've read in several different places and tried

several times with not luck :-(
1. <xsl:output> does not work.
2. <?cocoon-format?> pi's did not work or were just too hard to 
configure for indenting with little or no documentation.
3. Adding <indent>yes</indent> to XMLSerializer config does not do

This seems like such a trivial thing to do with such a robust xml 
processing framework like cocoon. 

Is anyone out there able to produce pretty indented xml with the same 
components I've listed above or with different combinations?  I realize 
that a different serializer or transformer implementation might be part 
the solution but I have yet to find it.  What I'm hoping to do with this

thread is end all indentation questions with Cocoon one and for all. 

What are you using and how?



Justin Hannus
Software Engineer | Infrastructure | Lycos Inc., [781] 370 2988

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