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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject Need help with HTMLArea in Cforms
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 18:40:16 GMT
Hi folks,

Maybe someone can give me some ideas where to look in order to debug 
this problem...

I'm trying to integrate the CForms HTMLArea support into an existing 
Cocoon 2.1.8 applicaiton that uses CForms.  Really, it's just changing 
an existing textarea control into an "htmlarea" widget (<fi:styling 
type="htmlarea"/>) and fixing up everything else so that the string 
value gets serialized/parsed appropriately in all the right places.

Anyway... the HTMLArea control is displayed and appears to be work 
right, i.e. I can perform editing/authoring
operations, including adding links, making styling changes etc.

The problem is that when I submit the form, the new value of the widget 
is not submitted.  I fired up LiveHTTPHeaders in Mozilla, and I can see 
that it's the old value in the POST request, not the new one.  I 
checked it at this level just to rule out any server-side CForms 
botching that I may have going on.

The HTMLArea sample in the Cocoon distribution works fine for me.  It's 
just in my real application that I've got something fubar.  I'm using 
Firefox and Moz 1.7.11.

I verified that the htmlarea.js script is able to load all of its 
subsidiary scripts (even though HTMLArea doesn't work in Safari, I 
fired up the page in Safari so that I could use its very handy Activity 
window to make sure that everything is loading correctly).

Any ideas?

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