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From "Jason Johnston" <>
Subject Re: authentication block problem
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 17:47:04 GMT
Is it the same instance of Firefox?  If so then this is expected behavior;
user sessions are typically tracked by a JSESSION-ID cookie, and Firefox
uses the same cookies for each instance of the browser (each system user
is allowed one instance at a time I believe).  IE allows a single system
user to launch multiple instances of the browser, each one using its own
set of cookies.

If this is what you're seeing then it's not a problem with the auth
framework or Cocoon in general; this is standard behavior for web
applications that track user sessions via cookies.

> I found another strange behaviour of the auth. framework: it seems that  I
> can have several users logged in if I use Internet Explorer (v.  6.0.2)
> but with Mozilla firefox (v1.0.7) the behaviour is as explained  below or
> get always logged in as the first user (using the action  auth-loggedIn)
>   Any ideas what the problem is and how to solve this?
>   Thanks,
>   Paula
> Paula Estrella <> escribió:Hi,  I'm using (or
> trying to use) the authentication block included in  cocoon and it works
> fine if there's only 1 user logged in, but when I  try to log in twice
> with different user names (i.e. I want many users  logged in at the same
> time)   I get the error  "org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException: User is
> already authenticated  using handler: portal-handler".
>   Now, my question is: how can I allow several users logged in at the same
> time using this auth. block?
>   Thanks in advance,
>   Paula
>   Here's the sitemap I'm using (it's basically a copy&paste from the block
> example)
>   <map:component-configurations>
>         <authentication-manager>
>           <handlers>
>                <handler name="portal-handler">
>                     <redirect-to  uri="cocoon:/login"/>
>               <authentication uri="cocoon:raw:/authenticate"/>
>             </handler>
>           </handlers>
>         </authentication-manager>
>       </map:component-configurations>
>   <map:match pattern="login">
>    <map:generate src="docs/login.xml"/>
>           <map:transform src="styles/simple-page2html.xsl"/>
>           <map:transform type="encodeURL"/>
>           <map:serialize/>
>         </map:match>
>    <map:match pattern="do-login">
>                 <map:act type="auth-login">
>             <map:parameter name="handler" value="portal-handler"/>
>              <map:parameter name="parameter_name"
> value="{request-param:username}"/>
>              <map:parameter name="parameter_password"
> value="{request-param:password}"/>
>             <map:redirect-to  uri="portal"/>
>             </map:act>
>           <map:redirect-to uri="error"/>
>         </map:match>

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